Lôjazz [loʒæz]
Sweet eau de parfum created from jasmine sambac, violet petals, magnolia and Tunisian orange blossom.
« floral »
Lôrose [loroz]
Multi-floral fragrance that combines Indian and Bulgarian rose, Egyptian geranium and Indonesian patchouli.
« floral »
Lôbitt [lobit]
Fresh citrus fruits proposal made with Sicilian bergamot, mandarin, Amalfi lemon, Sevillian orange and neroli.
« citrus »
Lôant [loænt]
Connector created with white musk, amber, ambroxan, nutmeg and cashmeran.
« connector »
Lôvann [lovæn]
Triplet of vanillas: Bourbon, Madagascar and Tahiti, Mediterranean honey, Girona apple and coconut milk.
« gourmand »
Lôtree [lotri]
Small emerald jewel made with Sri-Lankan sandalwood, cedarwood, oakmoss, bamboo cane and Arabic woods.
« woody »
Lômusk [lomʌsk]
Musk cocktail with a touch of wild silk, ambergris and sweet and metalic notes.
« oriental »
« The bottle »

The manufacturing process of this glass bottle is handcrafted and it follows our company philosophy about local production (Km 0). It’s made in Barcelona with high quality glass. 100% recyclable.

« Inspiration and concept »

"Communicate through fragrances, as ants do"

Santiago Burgas has created the Lôant Collection, with a sophisticated formulation system inspired by the communication theory used by ants, which takes us to a new way of creating and using fragrances.

Over the centuries, ants have developed a complex olfactory language to communicate with each other. Thanks to their art of combining different sensory pheromones, they are able to create new messages, which become aromatic communicative codes as if they were the little perfumers of the underground.

The Lôant Collection uses an innovative system by fractioning the olfactory pyramid developed by ANTCORPS company. These perfumes can be used individually or combined with one another within the perfumes of the same Lôant Collection, creating new scents instantly and without the help of an expert.

With Lôant Collection, you can become a perfume creator, customising a new fragrance for every moment and place, according to your mood.

The Lôant Collection is divided in three levels:

     ●○○ Top notes: LÔJAZZ, LÔROSE and LÔBITT (booster).
     ○●○ Core note: LÔANT (connector & harmoniser).
     ○○● Fond notes: LÔVANN, LÔTREE, LÔMUSK and LÔENCE (lengthener).

« Instructions »
  • Put one or more fragrances, experiment and create.
  • Write down your formula to repeat it or share it.
  • Use alone or combine them together with or without the harmoniser Lôant (only within the Lôant Collection fragrances).
  • The order of application does not change the end result (skin type and quantity might change it).